Evolution of FSBO Midwest

Mark Roy, the founder of FSBO Midwest is a Licensed Attorney and Broker. In 2013 Mark founded Roy Legal Group and sponsored the website https://kcrealestatelawyer.com which obtained a number one ranking in Google as a Real Estate Attorney in Kansas City.

It quickly became evident that the market demand for conventional full service real estate brokerage services and the high commissions they charge was a thing of the past. In the DIY economy following the recession, homeowners recognized that they could do many of the same functions a realtor could do in selling their property and wanted to avoid commissions. Buyer’s began recognizing the value of a “non-listed house” and avoiding the commissions being added to their loan in the purchase price. The overwhelming demand for FSBO real estate contracts, in addition to having a passion for real estate transactions, is what led to the formation of FSBO Midwest.