What is FSBO Midwest?
FSBO Midwest is a real estate law firm with offices in Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri. The owner of FSBO Midwest is also a broker and can assist in brokerage transactions. Our sole focus is on assisting FSBO clients with real estate transactions. FSBO Midwest drafts real estate sale contracts, reviews real estate sale documents, and offers full service discounted listings for those clients that have given up on the FSBO transaction and wish to list their property as a full service discounted commission listing. We also represent buyers in cases where they have found a property they wish to purchase, but do not want to use the listing agent for representation. As a buyer agent, the full service discounted commission still applies. We also offer contract for deed service, quit claim deed service, and contract review for those clients that are unrepresented and need a more unconventional approach for assistance in facilitating a real estate transaction.
How quickly can a real estate contract be created for signatures?

Normally within 48 hours.

How are signatures obtained on documents?

Our office utilizes dot loop that allows paperwork to be sent via e-mail for electronic signature.

Who does FSBO represent? The seller or the buyer?
FSBO Midwest at all times acts as a transaction agent and does not advocate for the particular interests of either party. In layman’s terms that means we do the paperwork only. We will make suggestions that we believe are fair and industry standard based on specific circumstances, but ultimately we do not take one side over another.
Are both the buyer and seller required to be represented by FSBO Midwest?

No. We can represent either party, however all the same fees apply.

Can we hire FSBO Midwest even though we have a realtor?

Yes, you can. We are a law firm and are happy to act as lawyers in reviewing documents and providing legal options. We charge a flat fee of $795.00 for contract review only and all fees are paid out of closing. You can ask your realtor to set aside this amount in his commission and have a realtor and also the benefit of an attorney’s expertise.

What does FSBO Midwest charge and how are the fee’s paid?
Please refer to our fees section of the website for specific services and fees offered. Different fees apply for different services. In most instances all fees are paid out of closing and there is no requirement to make any advance payment to get started.
Who pays the fee’s charged?

This is negotiated between the seller and the buyer. Sometimes the seller pay’s the entire fee, sometimes the buyer pays the entire fee. Sometimes it is split 50/50.

When do the fee’s get charged?

No fee is charged until there is an accepted contract by all parties. An accepted contract is defined as a real estate contract signed by all sellers and buyers to the transaction.

How do I know if I have liens on my property or other clouds on title that could prevent my ability to sell?
Have a “Preliminary Title Report” issued by a title company. In cases where there is a closing conducted by a title company the title company will ensure marketable title through issuing a title policy. A lender’s title policy is always required if there is a lender involved. Otherwise only an owner’s title policy is issued at closing ensuring marketable title. In certain instances, the title company discovers defects in title i.e. judgement liens, city or utility assessments, income tax liens, previously undiscovered marital interests, bankruptcy, and other matters that effect the ability to deliver marketable title. As a law firm we do have the ability to assist in legally resolving these matters to clear title and allow the sale to proceed to closing.
What if no closing occurs?

If no closing occurs through no fault of FSBO Midwest, 50% of all fee’s being charged are owed at the time of cancellation or expiration of the contract, whichever comes first.

Who is responsible for arranging inspections?

The buyer is responsible for all issues related to inspections. FSBO Midwest will act as a transaction agent in all matters related to inspections.

Can we hire FSBO Midwest even though we have a realtor?

Yes, you can. We are a law firm and are happy to act as lawyers in reviewing documents and providing legal options. We charge a flat fee of $795.00 for contract review only and all fees are paid out of closing. Our review starts with the real estate contract and is finished when the settlement statement is approved.

Who will we be working with once we hire FSBO Midwest?

Once you retain FSBO Midwest your file is assigned to a team of professionals which includes both administrative support and legal support.

What if I do not need to sell my property but just want to give it to a family member?

We would draft and file a quit claim deed which transfers ownership without a sale technically occurring. If you want the transfer of ownership to your property when you die, then we would prepare and file a Beneficiary Deed.

What if I am unable to sell my property on my own.  Can FSBO Midwest help me list my property or represent me on the purchase of a listed home?
FSBO Midwest can represent you as a listing agent or a buying agent.  In both instances FSBO Midwest would perform full service brokerage services at a discounted commission rate.  The rates that would apply on are 1.95% to FSBO Midwest to represent you either as a buyer agent or listing agent.  This is a savings of $1,050.00 per $100,000.00 in sale price if we are either the listing or selling agent, and $2,050.00 per $100,000.00 if we represent you in both capacities. See DISCOUNTED COMMISSION SELLER/BUYER REPRESENTATION under the services section for more information.
What do I do if I have additional questions or would like additional information?

Please contact us directly and we will provide you the information you need in making an informed decision. Our service is unique and we understand that clients want to talk to a real person.

Toll Free: 1-800-374-3718
St. Louis (314)-353-4220
Kansas City (816)-545-9708
Kansas (913)-513-4220